The promise

The promise of a blue bright day arose at 6.40am precisely, and with it our hopes. The prismatic play of light reflected off the sea, melting cloud of doubt and despond as day was claimed from night. And so began the promise; developing into bright open fields, broad sun drenched marshes, remote and stranded castles,Continue reading “The promise”

By the Sea

Architect designed, the 1930s house stood steady on its Wealden sandstone hill, looking down on the village by the sea. Here the petrified forest has drawn pouting, pierrot faced singers, artists, designers, film-makers and theatrical types through the years; barring the intervening two decades, Gielgud would have bumped into Bowie here at Pett Level. ImagineContinue reading “By the Sea”

Music and Life: Telling it like it is

With Natacha Atlas on the cusp of releasing a new EP, The Inner and The Outer, the latest podcast in the series Telling It Like It Is presents a conversation with Atlas and long-term collaborator Samy Bishai.

Home: Telling it like it is

Home is a complex subject, and that’s why it makes a good topic for conversation. In this podcast, playwright, cultural leader and polymath Chinonyerem Odimba takes us on a quest to find the meaning of home.

Telling It Like It Is: Technology

Technology is increasingly manipulating our minds. What we think we want might not be what we actually need. And this is making us sick. So, what can we do about it? Take a look or listen to the podcast with my guest, Ian Douglas.

The Historical Presence

Until we claim the future with positivity and hope, the past will always be our stumbling block. The story of Robert Aske, The Royal Africa Company, profits from slavery, and how they funded the Haberdashers’ Aske’s schools.

Telling history like it is

A conversation with Professor Corinne Fowler of the University of Leicester, and Director of ‘Colonial Countryside: National Trust Houses Reinterpreted’