Masala Eggy Bread

Eggy bread, or French Toast, is a comfort food par excellence! There’s a reason why pretty much every food culture has a version of this satisfying breakfast/brunch dish. My taste memory includes three types of eggy bread – sweet, savoury and spicy – and we knew it as French Toast (if sweet), Eggy Bread (if […]

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Everyday and ordinary

We’re encouraged to think of the everyday and ordinary as somehow sub standard, or unremarkable. That perception is very wrong. Context is everything, like so much in life. 2020 has certainly been a strange year, and for obvious reasons. And now, the weather is also about to turn. Don’t be surprised that you feel a […]

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Athena Kugblenu

Athena Kugblenu. Where do I start? She’s worked with Nish Kumar, Frankie Boyle, Russell Howard and more, she writes 24/7 for EVERYONE, she guest presents BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends, she’s running a very successful blog, she won the Felix Dexter Bursary for up and coming comedy writers, and she’s juggling all this while being […]

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What’s in a recipe?

Ingredients, perhaps a dash of technique too, possibly even a sprinkle of inspiration or artistry? Yes, it’s all these and more. Each of the constituents tells a story, and it’s all the stories which together ‘make’ the recipe, adding flavour and richness to what you experience when you taste it. I cook when I’m stressed […]

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Frieze usually makes my blood run cold. Over-privileged liggers braying loudly at gallery openings; hideous fashion faux pas masquerading as an acceptable ‘artiness’ … Meanwhile the  actual art tends to be forgotten.

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Loire Chateaux

The chateaux of France’s Loire region are legendary. The images below were taken on a recent trip there where I explored the architecture, food and culture of the region.

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