Social Media in the UK

What’s hot and what’s not in social media in the UK?   Here goes.   The UK is the most social country in the world.  Are you surpised by that?   I am.   51% of women and 49% of men in the UK use social media regularly – 52% of the population describe themselves as active social media users.   The infographic below (from Offerpop) also shows that while 95% of 16- to 20-year-old Brits have used Facebook in the past month, it’s the 25- to 34-year-old age group that are the most active social media users.  (more…)

Big Data is Not the New Oil

Data are being created in vast quantities every day.   Finding value from data is a process of cultivation rather than one of extraction or refinement.

Our experience with oil has been fraught – Fortunes made at the cost of dwindling resources, bloody mercenary conflicts, a terrifying climate crisis.   To extend the analogy, data spills have already happened.   How much longer before we see dangerous data drilling practices?   Or the negative long term effects from data pollution? (more…)