Indian Food

Authentic Indian and South Asian food in the UK is on the up. Reflecting the authentic flavours, techniques and regional differences of India is something younger chefs and entrepreneurs excel at, and are going all out for. Not before time. So much Indian food in Britain was junk, and outside our bigger cities, still is. […]

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Aromatic, warming, Lamb Curry

This dish is a favourite, and one I must have at least once or twice in June. It’s never quite the same when you have it in a restaurant. For the best warming and aromatic flavour experience, you really ought to try making this Lamb Curry with whole spices yourself. Sheep farming has long been […]

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A Theory About Food

Food and especially its preparation are becoming ever more of a fetish. As we all (should) know by now, the moment something becomes a fetish, it’s on its last legs. It’s time to take stock of our relationship to food.

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What’s in a recipe?

Ingredients, perhaps a dash of technique too, possibly even a sprinkle of inspiration or artistry? Yes, it’s all these and more. Each of the constituents tells a story, and it’s all the stories which together ‘make’ the recipe, adding flavour and richness to what you experience when you taste it. I cook when I’m stressed […]

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Cauliflower Cheese (with Pasta)

The weather is cold.   You’ve had it with fatty, rich Christmas fare.   Let this simple Cauliflower Cheese with Pasta come to your rescue.   This dish feeds two people very well indeed as a main dish or can be served as an accompaniment to a main meal (roast beef with all the trimmings, say).

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