Frieze usually makes my blood run cold. Over-privileged liggers braying loudly at gallery openings; hideous fashion faux pas masquerading as an acceptable ‘artiness’ …

Meanwhile the  actual art tends to be forgotten.

I went to the Colnaghi opening.

Yes, it was a bit like that too.   But the art was breathtaking in its power and execution.   Truly breathtaking.

Light & Space

The nights draw in.   Temperatures drop.   Summer is increasingly a memory.   I’m determined to extend the season by enoying as much light and space as I can, when I can.   It’s scant compensation for the amount of time I spend doing things for others, but it does make a difference to me.   It makes like worthwhile.

Here are some pictures from a recent trip … exploring marshy, marginal land, seeing big skies and open seas in the Essex marshes and lagoons: