The Moon Shines Bright

Sam Lee is a celebrated folk singer, collector, interpreter and revivalist of old folk songs. With ‘The Moon Shines Bright’, Sam borrows from the Gypsy and traveller tradition a song which asks us to stop and see what our increasingly standardised world is doing to us.

On ‘The Moon Shines Bright’ Sam’s joined by Elizabeth Fraser who weaves a magical fragment of the Scottish folk song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ into ‘The Moon Shines Bright’.

With themes of dark, short days, the end of one year and the start of another, of the Winter Solstice, of the impermanence of life and need to love, be loved, forgive, hope, nurture and connect with nature, this is the perfect song to herald the New Year.

Wishing love and peace.

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Happiness (below) is a short film made by Steve Cutts. It’s a masterpiece.

We live in a society where the focus on well being and mindfulness is in the ascendant. It’s the natural corollary to lives lived in the shadow of an exploitative system – where what we buy is, we are told, what defines us. Th film looks at the myths we are sold – about the true path to happiness being just ‘x’ or ‘y’ and hang the consequences. It asks questions.

Perhaps the true path to happiness doesn’t lie in unrestrained consumption, but rather in developing yourself and your own resilience?

Happiness, by Steve Cutts