I am a freelance Marketing Consultant. I’ve worked in a variety of senior marketing, digital, publishing and communications roles for organisations like Telegraph Media Group, TalkTalk, Creative Nation, Tiscali, NGOs and not-for-profits.   I’m currently working with Talawa Theatre Company, one of the UK’s most respected and pioneering theatre companies.   See my LinkedIn for more.

I currently work as a freelance consultant. My experience lies in all aspects of brand marketing from strategy, social media, SEO, and PR to email marketing, training and content development and of course analytics . . . measuring everything to porovide the kinds of insights which can drive positive change.

Find out more about me from LinkedIn , About Me or here.

My website focuses on management, organisational change, cross-media content creation, marketing, supporting social enterprises and social good, media developments, London, life, food and the many other things which inspire, infuriate or enthuse me.

I’m also involved in a lot of not-for-profit and charitable activities.   I do this because I strongly believe that everyone should engage with and contribute to their community regardless of where they come from or where they’re going to.   My voluntary activities include the following:

In addition I produce a series of music and theatre events throughout the year, usually as fundraisers for causes.   Oh, and did I mention that I sing and act, and possibly even dance too?

Views and opinions here are my own.

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