Brenton Samuel Pink

There is a large house in Lewisham which for all the world looks like a cake – a cake smothered in brightly coloured icing.

The house belongs to Brenton Samuel Pink a retired refuse collector who bought it for £4800 in the 1960s and then spent many years lovingly painting it bright colours to evoke the light and colours of his birthplace, Jamaica. His is a quirky story – but also a story which encapsulates so much of the area and the city’s history and its continued evolution. From once having been a smart(ish) suburb with large villas set in their own grounds, like Brenton’s, to a shabby decline and de-population after WW1, Lewisham has once again become a popular place to live. Brenton’s story is as much part of that history as anyone else’s.

UPDATE: Brenton Samuel Pink died 8 June 2017.

Brenton’s story was recorded on film over 20 years ago – I’d love to see it someday. Get in touch if you have a copy.