Fadia-el-Hage: J. S. Bach’s Passions

J. S. Bach’s Passions provide an evocative sonic representation of the human suffering experienced by Jesus Christ. Here in ‘Erbarme Dich’ (Have Mercy) with Sarband’s accompaniment, Fadia el-Hage reprises Bach’s arias as healing songs which bridge conflicts and differences between worlds, between faiths, between believers and non-believers and between modernists and traditionalists.

It’s incredibly moving.

Pantene Phillipines: Labels and What they Really Mean

Brand messages so often perpetuate stereotypes, usually gender based ones.   Think of the soft-focus brand imagery where a mother’s lot is to nurture her angelic children while hubby does the ‘real’ stuff or the way that standards of ‘beauty’ consistently serve to undermine women’s perception of themselves and the way they look and behave.

Pantene Philippines have waded into the debate strongly.   Their commercial was created to show how society labels women.   Very interesting – a great example of how some brands are really connecting with consumers.   The use of a female vocalist poignantly covering a well known song gives it an immediate emotional impact, making for a damning commentary on the way our society uses labels to denigrate.