Jus Soli

London is a rich tapestry, of places, people, mixed birthrights, and diverse viewpoints.   It’s what I love about this city.

Jus soli (English: /ʌs ˈsl/; Latin pronunciation: [juːs ˈsɔ.liː]), meaning “right of the soil“, commonly referred to as birthright citizenship, is the right of anyone born in the territory of a state to nationality or citizenship.

Part of the ‘People of Pimlico’ project, funded by Bloomberg as part of their commitment to the Royal Court Theatre’s outreach activity, this film takes in the voices and viewpoints of members of the community living in Pimlico and mixes them with actors and performers from the Royal Court.   The results are fascinating – and at times the juxtapositions are surreal.

Food for thought.

People of Pimlico: Jus Soli


Food Waste

Food waste bugs me. Food producers spend millions getting food to ‘look’ just right, often sacrificing flavour and nutrition in the process.   Processing food for convenience consumes vast quantities of water and other scarce natural resources.   In addition, our lack of understanding of where food really comes from and willingness to purchase food that ‘looks right’ helps create mountains of food waste and perpetuate an unhealthy diet. (more…)