Elizabeth Fraser Returns with Golden Air

24 years after her collaboration with Massive Attack, Teardrop, Elizabeth Fraser returns with Golden Air, the first single from a new mini-album. Created with Damon Reece, and a raft of other talents including Steve Hackett (Genesis), Golden Air is a swirling piece of folk psychedelia through which Fraser’s golden and breathy soprano billows and floats. The single sits at the heart of Fraser and Reece’s latest work, Sun’s Signature – a stunning piece of work.

Golden Air is a paean to nature, and to nurturing hope. At it’s heart is a sense of liberation, and of freedom on one’s own terms; it’s so heartening to hear in these dark days.

Here’s Golden Air, a piece composed by Elizabeth Fraser and her collaborators including Damian Reece, Steve Hackett and others working together as Sun’s Signature.

Sun’s Signature – Golden Air (Official Visualiser)

There are other songs on this mini-album:

  • Bluedusk – a journey through streets at dusk to the sound of timpanum and minoir chords signal an awakening to new possibilities; “Bluedusk ran between the streets,
    My love was winged within my mind”
  • Underwater – once a limited release single in the year 2000, now perhaps a little old-fashioned, but elevated by Fraser’s startling glissando and counterpoint harmonics and ever poetic words; “The opening of a window onto rapture, Find the world shining in me”.
  • The aforementioned Golden Air – stratospheric production makes this song a psychadelic folk whopper (listen on headphones – in fact listen to all of this album that way); “The morning is come, Heart up again to the candour of nature”.
  • Apples is sublime; “No one heard the summer coming, Fallen through the silence. The fullness bursting open, The triumph of sound, of summer, of silence”.
  • Make Lovely The Day will defy you to not heed its urging to ‘make lovely the day’, to create hope and nurture possibility – you’d be a wrong ‘un to not heed this. “Be clear, my deed. Be pure, my heart.
    And as the sun, true light impart”

Hear it all here: https://sunssignature.lnk.to/goldenair