The Dark Months Ten

The Dark Months is a series of moods or meditations on an idea, usually driven by an image captured on a walk or a moment of stillness and observing. Here’s the tenth.

The Dark Months – Ten

Bridge. To where?

A dream, or a nightmare?

There’s a tipping point, sometimes literally, at the head of a set of steps.

This was it.

Which way to go? Teetering indecision is a mental mirror to the physical world.

A momentary rocking.

Then, a decisive tilt forward.

Over the bridge. A train rattles underneath. Pitching forward like a rush of memories. And then, in a rush, breaking through.

Cold air. Gasping.

The other side.

The sun shines.

A slight breeze stirs the air in little golden ripples.

There is a stillness and calm, looking down from the bridge.