The Dark Months Nine

A necessary break from being deskbound led to seeing the world turned upside down in this, the ninth in the series ‘The Dark Months‘.

The Dark Months – Nine

It began sunny.

It didn’t end that way.

Which isn’t to suggest that the dark months are a time of preternatural gloom.


Rather, that they are a time when we might give ourselves time to think freely. And perhaps freedom to think allows in light as well as dark? After all, each has a relationship to the other.

And so it was, as the sun hid coy behind a cloud, it’s golden glow faded to a silvery flat cast, that the bin, the chimney and the office blocks hove into view.

We are a strange species, building high rise offices in which no one wants to work, or even can in the present circumstances, while generating power to keep them functioning as we starve other places of energy and investment.

The world has turned upside down.

Here was a perfect demonstration of the idiocy humankind has reduced itself to; slavery to an ethic of accumulation which denies others their agency, and which cannot sustain the planet from which it takes so much.

We need to check ourselves.

Clearly I wasn’t alone in thinking this.

Someone had neatly collected the waste from an impromptu fireworks display and filled the one available bin.

A simple and touching act which spoke of care and hope.

We can try to make a change.

We have that in our power.