The Dark Months Three

With the clocks going back, our systems have taken a knock. Added to which we face an impending national lockdown. All this as the ‘dark months‘ sweep us up into their gloom. It needn’t be so. These essays, or word paintings, are part of a series all about stepping out, small acts of defiance and optimism. I hope you enjoy them

The Dark Months – Three

Darkness surrounds the waking moment. There’s an overwhelming sense of being alone in a world where the wind is your sole company.

Yet there’s also a sense of hope; the illumination of a streetlight fades. Might the sun lay before us a gilded carpet of dawn?

It didn’t.

But it was dry, and brighter than yesterday.

Stepping out, there was a crunch to the leaves. The greasy smudging of past days had been blown dry by the strengthening wind and the footing was firm.

Progress was made. Each step created ripples among the leaves, but also dispelled doubts.

Between the trees were glimpses of wider skies, whirling clouds, sloping fields and distant downs. Moods brightened, in marked contrast to the light that had been subdued with the slip back in time.

Looking up.

Greeting the day.

Above, a canopy of red, gold and green against whorls of bronze and grey reflects the ground below.

Perhaps the breaking of day did lay a golden carpet after all; a defiant sense of optimism, and a cocoon against the gloom.

© Sanjit Chudha 2020

The Dark Months is a series written during Autumn/Winter 2020 and 2021.

© Sanjit Chudha 2020