Taking Positive Actions

A hole in a wall gives a glimpse of a room beyond

We’re at a point in time where taking positive actions has become a conscious choice. We need change. 

In three short months we’ve gone from a situation where there was widespread support for Government actions to one where the exact opposite applies. This lack of faith carries across our social spaces – whether arts organisations, community groups, charities, or workplaces, evidenced as much by the growing inequalities COVID-19 has exposed as well as the pre-existing climate, and social and culture emergencies born of austerity after 2010. 

In the midst of feeling powerless, we need to understand that today, right now, we have more power than we could possibly imagine. We have the power to change things.

We should demand:

  • Greater transparency of institutions, organisations and decision making
  • Greater involvement in agenda setting
  • Change in the make-up and operation of Boards and Governing Structures
  • Redistribution of reserves and ‘spare pots of cash’ towards those groups or organisations which empower citizens and their concerns about the environment, human rights, justice and equality

I’m sure there’s more. 


  • Start and sign petitions
  • Amplify pre-existing calls – whether across social media or in real life
  • Analyse and expose the flaws in current decision making thinking and processes, then write an open letter 
  • Build coalitions of trust and support, networks and alliances to help achieve those aims
  • Support with your wallet those organisations and activities owned and run by the causes you most admire – it’s a far more effective ‘cancellation’ of the things you don’t want to see more of
  • Change your behaviours – don’t spend on fast fashion or exploitative chains of supply and manufacture in food or other areas of your life
  • Demand that workplaces carry out through unsconscious bias training across the organisation, commit to making changes as a result, and carry them out.


Don’t be a parasite. Dare to imagine a different future. Make the shift from unquestioned sleep to waking up – be conscious.

Be the change you want to see. Do it consciously and effectively, forensically. Because when you do, you’ll quickly begin to see that money and government effort will switch towards your agenda. Your influence will challenge the current status quo. You will empower yourself and others.

Some useful tools > https://www.racialequitytools.org/plan/informing-the-plan/whiteness-and-white-privilege

This is your chance to make ‘normal’ all the good things you’d like to see from a post COVID-19 world. 

Start taking positive actions.