Be future friendly

I’m usually one for silver linings to dark clouds. I’m also someone who has worked in the digital space for 20+ years. I know that ‘clean, streamlined and paperless’ communication isn’t really environmentally friendly.

As many of us turn to digital systems to keep communication or busineses going, or for entertainment, let’s understand too how this shift in behaviour impacts the environment.

Perhaps now is the time for us all to use our consumer power to ensure that the profits reaped now by digital giants are invested in environment and future friendly energy generation and sustainability?

Maybe that’s the silver lining – if we pull together we can make a change.

The infographic below might be a handy primer to getting to grips with what I’m referring to here, and you can get that and far more detail here.

And in the meantime a search engine like Ecosia might be an interesting one to take a look at. You can find out more about Ecosia here.

Infographic from WebFX showing your virtual carbon footprint