The Internet Health Report

How can we explore the ‘health of the internet’?

If you’re familiar with my work you’ll know that I’ve long been a champion of visualising data.   But also, as someone who has worked in the digital space since the mid 1990s, I’m fascinated by how we have been affected by this seismic shift in communication. That interest is as much social anthropology as it is driven by a concern at the way the new internet economy impacts us.

The Internet, like any community, is an ecosystem. Billions of people depend on the Internet for knowledge, livelihood, self-expression, you name it … The health of this system relies on – and influences – everyone it touches. We’re all connected. And that means that the slightest ‘break’ or ‘illness’ impacts us all eventually.

The Mozilla team – the people behind the Firefox browser – are developing an amazing interactive report using crowdourced information.

You’ll find all the details here