Robert Dyas: The Power of ‘Ordinary’

You must have seen the Robert Dyas christmas advertisement.

Some say it’s a play on Red House (a US based furniture company), others that it’s an attempt at ‘weird’ to gain attention by standing out against all the glossy christmas ads, yet others say that it reflects a well meant desire for inclusive diversity … it could be one or all of these.

But is it more?


In some ways the Robert Dyas christmas ad is a parody – but not one of the ‘Red House’, rather it cuts against the glossiness of overly manufactured ‘beauty’ pushed through traditional advertising.   It celebrates the ordinary.

That the Robert Dyas ad happens to refer to sexuality is irrelevant – sexuality is rendered unremarkable, ordinary, a part of everyday life.

It’s a clever way to stand out.   If the Robert Dyas ad succeeds in increasing in-store footfall or e-commerce sales, good for them.   They’ll have achieved it by causing no offence to anyone whatsoever, but just by celebrating sheer ordinariness.

Ordinariness is Robert Dyas’s unique selling point – they are the shop we all turn to when we want that perfectly ordinary item which just works.

As an ad campaign goes, it’s a triumph of simplicity.  


We’re all talking about it, that’s why.