Marketing – Trends for 2016?

In an age where the late middle aged and middle income property owning demographic hold many of the financial cards, I’m interested to know what millenials (16-34 year olds) think and especially, how this impacts on marketing trends.

With that in mind this (from Bauer Knowledge) is interesting:

Five very distinct tribes, or segments, were identified in the Bauer study:
  • The Influencers, 1.7m (11%), have high media usage and are more likely to be male. They have a unique voice and like it to be heard – especially online.
  • The Adopters, 4.5m (28%), have high media usage and are more likely to be ABC1. Peer respect is key; they use knowledge and appearance to stand out.
  • The Apprentices, 1.8m (12%), are younger and more likely to live in London. They are focused on self-progression rather than keeping up with trends.
  • The Entertained, 5.0m (32%), are older, more likely to have children,  and more likely to be ABC1. Personal relationships are key, they look to media brands primarily to entertain.
  • The Contented, 2.7m (17%), are older, more likely to have children, and are more rural living. They are satisfied with life and don’t chase the latest trends.

You can see the whole study here.