Tell Michele A secret

Michele Moran is an incredibly talented singer, actor and performer.   She will be giving a show at the 2016 Telegraph Hill Festival.   What’s exciting about Michele’s show is the way she is crowdsourcing the content for it.

Tell Michele A Secreta new show is about you, me, and the secrets we keep. 

Tell Michele A SecretMichele’s show looks at how do secrets bring us together: do they trap us, frighten us, give us power, give us sleepless nights?   Or can secrets, when you set them free, set you free too?  

Send Michele your secrets. 

In each show, Michele will share some of her secrets, tease some from the audience and share some of yours.   She might act them, dance them, sing them, or tell them like a story.   After all, secrets are bigger than words.

It’s all anonymous, she’ll never use your name or anything that will identify you in the show. 

Twitter: @TellMichele

Mobile: 07487635590

Post: Tell Michele C/o  222 Regents street, London,W1B 5T