Youth 100: What 18-24 Year Olds think about Brands

What do YouTube, Amazon, Google, BBC, Ben & Jerry’s, Cadburys, Facebook, Pringles, Wikipedia and Channel 4 have in common?   They all feature on the Youth 100 list, which highlights brands attractive to 18-24 year-olds and aims to explain why they are so desired.

  • Utility, entertainment and affordability top the list of criteria that 18-24 years olds adopt when looking at brands – so, making them startlingly like their elders then?   I’d be hard pressed to find many 45 years to 54 years olds who would disagree with the choices their younger cohorts have made.
  • As a characteristic, entertainment stands out.   Brands such as Ben & Jerry’s (ranking fifth), YouTube (number 1), BBC (ranking 4) and Channel 4 (number 10) all use a combination of entertainment and fun to appeal to 18- to 24-year-olds … Skype, Wikipedia and PayPal also appear in the top 20, largely for reasons of utility.
  • Having good content which can be easily shared also makes brands desirable, no surpises then why YouTube does so well.   Pre-roll advertising and ‘trolls’ are really not liked by the 18-24 age group (I don’t much like them either, who does?).

Apple heads the list of brands the 18-24 demographic would be happiest to be employed by.   But surprisingly, in terms of its overall popularity as a brand, it is at number 18.   Google is the second most favoured employer.   Once social and digital factors are taken into account the picture changes again, with media brands such as the BBC and Samsung being seen as innovative.

What is the lesson?   Do a good job of innovating, develop accessible products, make them cheap or free and people will come.   I’ve a feeling we’ve been here before …

Have a gander at the infographic which explains more:


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