Is SEO Dead?

The death of SEO has long been predicted.   But the old beast isn’t dead yet.   

The removal of keyword data set alarm bells ringing earlier this month.  

Google admitted it had made changes to its algorithm to capture the increase in mobile and voice searches, where the meaning of language is shaped by context more directly than desktop searches.   Google also positioned itself as offering greater protection for its search engine users.  

Cynics claim its a way of boosting the use of Google Adwords by advertisers as this is one of the few ways you can easily get access to keyword data.  

In a context where 90% of searches are now affected by the changes to Google’s algorithm this has a major impact for SEOs.   

seoIs there a way to still access keyword data and achieve optimisation?   Yes.

This brilliant post from eConsultancy lays it bare – using data, measuring engagement and audiences and then matching intent with discovery will deliver results.   I tend to agree.

SEO is not dead, it just got a little more involved.   Good SEOs have been doing some or all of this already, it’s just a change in emphasis.

But most of all, these changes place users and engaging content at the centre of the SEO equation – that can’t be bad can it?

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