The mobile train has left the station

Econsultancy and Adobe’s Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, ‘From Content Management to Customer Experience Management’, looks at how web content management has been extended to offer multi-channel experiences, what the challenges have been, what could be done better and how.   With opinions and facts garnered by surveying more than 1000 companies, this is an authoritative and intelligent analysis.   Handily, if you can’t afford the resport, there is an excellent infographic from Adobe below which outlines some of the main findings.

But, why is it important?   Well, consider that 23% of UK households have access to four screens (TV, computer, smartphone and tablet) – six months ago the comparable figure was 11%.   The times, they are a changin’ . . . Kantar Media’s recent survey outlines some other useful nuggets, including the ways that the different screens are used, worth a look if only to confirm that the mobile train has left the station.

Infographic: Content Management in a multi-channel world
Content Management in a multi-channel world

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