Why, why, why?

Why does the topic you’re explaining matter? Why, more importantly, does it matter to your prospective customer’s life? Why will your solution or product make that person’s life better?

Answer these simple questions and you’re on the road to good PR and content marketing. Except, well, it’s not that easy. There is way more to it than that.   Have you thought about the second customer? The person who though they may not be in the market for what you sell at the moment, will share your content with their network because it’s been well executed and is creative or funny.

The art of content marketing [and PR] is being able to explain something so effectively that you lower the cost of understanding it.

I’ve already covered how you can create great video content and make sure it is search engine optimised.

Now, going back to the questions at the top.   Look at them again, at least 5 ways, before trying to answer them.

Empathy – put yourself in your customer’s shoes, audience perspective drives good content strategy.

Curiousity – research your audience, what are their problems and desires, what thrills them?   Look at competitor, keyword, market and customer research.

Observation – this is about taking something obvious and transforming the way it is perceived and received, look, look and look again.

Packaging – what you say might be substantial, how you say it can help make it exceptional.

Caring – If you don’t why should anyone else? When people care, they will make the first steps towards doing business with you.

Finally, remember that true content marketing is about conveying a brand’s story.   To do this effectively you also need to be able to hold a dialogue, diplomatically.   Make sure your content is social, open up conversations, you never know, you may find a brand advocate with an amazing story to tell . . . giving you time to make a cup of tea.  

Think about which social media platforms might be best to share your message and marketplace on, it will also help you work out how you can share content best.   Finally consider your SEO, have you covered off every possibility?

Would you agree with any of this?   Let me know.

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