(Paid for) Content Marketing

Hot on the heels of the compelling view that most content will be paid for within the next few years (here and here), comes the whole issue of content marketing.   Content marketing is increasingly important for businesses for one simple reason – communication may not be expensive any more but attention is.

There are five areas to consider when looking at content marketing:

Engagement; Discovery; Consumption; Creation; Curation.

Remember, now that anyone can speak, everyone is speaking.   Your job is to cut across the din and be heard, clearly.   Remember too that now that there’s no one judging your work, you need to judge it all the more harshly.   And finally, now that anyone with a smartphone is posting for posterity, you need to earn whatever slice of attention you deserve, and ‘earning’ demands work.

Bosses and marketers alike – read this, it’ll rock your world!

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