Strategic Thinking

I’m often asked how strategic thinking can be turned into action.

The answer, as with most things in life, is to strip out the jargon and the meaningless guff.

  • Focus on what is achievable and realistic
  • Define specifics and set timescales
  • Measure your success in achieving specific outcomes against these timescales and any other business indicators, whether that is benefits to the bottom line or increases in funds raised

In short, think SMART.   But how you get there can sometimes be complicated.   What might your exit strategy be in case of failure?   By which I mean, don’t assume success.   Should delivery priorities be fixed or can they be flexible?   Well, you do have a day-to-day- business operation to run, so yes, I’d suggest flexibility was important.   All these factors add more uncertainty to the mix.

This infographic might offer some clarity and simplification of what can seem a complex process:


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