Online Video KPIs

I’ve written before about how online video and viral campaigns can benefit brands.   As with all content marketing, real measures of success go beyond mere views, it is always about the bottom line.  

The Golden Rule – Develop a strategy, produce content, publish, measure and then optimise its performance over time.

Here are some other suggestions to think about and incorporate in to your strategic approach to online video.

  • Focus on delivering pleasure for the viewer – whether humour, surprise, shock or uplifting factual information
    • Witness the success of Upworthy, CoExist (and it’s stable), Nowness and numerous others, combining innovation and stories to great effect . . .
  • The best videos are crafted to contain subtle cues to encourage sharing
    • Remember, the edit starts at the beginning, not the end.   Edit the story and the way it develops constantly.   There has a to be a beginning, middle and end
    • I advise avoiding overt product or brand messages . . .

If the purpose of a video is to achieve mass exposure then it might be worth considering the following:

  • Focus on a pleasing video experience – short, narrative rich, engaging
  • Don’t try to do too much – avoid overt brand messages, over long build ups or complex concepts . . .
  • Make it easy to share the video – Remember, people make your video viral if they love it
  • Balance the amount you spend on social seeding with paid-for views . . . it’s great for credibility and feedback
  • User generated exposure is easier for people – How many times do you really promote a brand? Be honest
  • People are weird so don’t try to be too tasteful or controlled, experiment . . .
  • ASK YOURSELF: What do you want people to do if they like the video?   Provide clear calls to action.

Video transcends words or still pictures because it delivers large amounts of information quickly.

  • Competition for online views is fiercer than ever
  • Viewers have short attention spans born of limited time
  • Entertainment breeds engagement

B2B marketers often see their audience as ‘conservative’ or ‘nonfrivolous’.   This (mis)perception leads them to focus on eLearning models as part of continuous professional development for example.   It may be true of some cases, but not all.   It certainly doesn’t excuse dry, boring, poorly produced content.   That is the path to dwindling uptake and poor information retention.   Ergo, poor ROI.

Invest in good stories, powerfully told.

Retailers have invested the most in online video to date.   Witness M&S, ASOS, and numerous others, understand that video supports the bottom-line objectives, higher sales.   Brightcove is a great platform for cloud hosting your video for streaming on your site, they offer some interesting stats here.   But remember, context matters as much as content.

  • Think about what video does that existing text and images can’t
  • Do you want video reviews from customers or brand related information like product videos?
  • Which products should you try video out on first?
  • Where in the user journey should the video sit?
  • Video SEO is key and be sure to include on-site search in your planning – see my previous post
  • Do you want to highlight product pages which have video?
  • Are there interactive options in your video to buy the products within it?
  • Should video be on product pages, somewhere higher up in the user journey, or in a channel of its own?

Offering the right content at the right time, and link it to related content, ‘not only, but also’ . . . that’s the key to increasing dwell time on your site.   And remember, the longer people are looking, the greater the opportunity for your business, so use that time wisely and well.

I’ve kept it simple.   I hope it’s a useful checklist to get you started.   Of course if you want more advice, feel free to ask.

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