Looking at marketing afresh

It has been a while since I last published anything. I’ve been incredibly busy with developing some management consultancy for a charity. I’m now engaged on that project for the next few months, at least into March next year. It is only a 3 days a week so leaves room for anything part-time (hint). The management consultancy exercise has been a chance to look at marketing afresh. It looks like I’m not the only one.   Barclays, RBS/Nat West and numerous others seem to have been doing the same. Brand promise is back in the frame.

What is a Brand Promise? It’s a clearly articulated, succinct declaration of the promise you commit to deliver at every employee and customer touch point. It’s reflected in every action and interaction. It is reflected in your processes and service delivery. It drives company decisions and the brand experience you desire to create.

Brands with clearly articulated brand promises can better reinforce a culture that is inspired, passionate and energised. The Brand Promise becomes the guiding light for all employees and can help stop arguments by enforcing a common working culture and business aim. Getting this right is the key.

So how does a Brand arrive at this nirvana? By taking the mid point between people’s expectations, what they are prepared to accept and what they might see as a reward or benefit for engaging with your brand you are most likely to find the secret to your Brand Promise.

Of course, there is far more to it. There are rafts of questions you need to ask, of each other, as managers, employees and customers. How this is done can have a huge impact on the results. In conjunction you also need to map your communications against your data – CRM.

Collating and analysing the results of the questions you’ve asked is a massive task. But it is necessary. The results can help inform design approaches to the way your communications might look, the impact, or lack thereof, there may need to be. It can also help identify the channels through which you can best communicate – and they will be more diverse than you might imagine.

There is a lot going on, and it is huge fun.

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