Google+ and SEO

Is Google’s strategy for gaming SEO by encouraging people to use Google+ going to work?

‘Plusification’ describes the phenomenon of sharing via Google+, Google’s social network, in order to gain impact on how people find your web content. But isn’t that search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Google+, where do I start.   I’ve been using it for a while.   But I still don’t really get it in the same way that I get enjoyment from Facebook or Twitter where I have a critical mass of relationships.   In essence, Google+ does the same things as Facebook and Twitter without additional benefits.

So, in the search for a defining difference, a USP, Google targeted content creators who have no choice but to care about the social network, because Google has effectively raised the search rankings of content shared there.   That is what plusification means . . . and why it is important.

Since Google is the only search engine that really matters, content creators will seek plusification of their content. But as an activity, this is no different to maximising the links you get from other websites.   I would even argue that its value is less than  ‘proper’ links gained from other sites – though clearly there is value in pure SEO terms how long can it be sustained without Google’s integrity being questioned?

I might be persuaded that plusification has a future if I saw a take off in clicks of the +1 button next to web content.   But for me, and seemingly many others too, while our friends and professional contacts stick to other social networks is there any point?

Google was late to the social media party.   Plusification will cause a short-term ripple, even some small benefits for niche publishers . . . but a longer-term future?   I don’t see it.   Yet.

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