Social Video

What works for social video? Regular users of this site will know that I rate content marketing as a means of building engagement and conversion. The infographic below (courtesy of Jun Group) offers some insight into the emerging trends and usage patterns in social video.  Some of the findings may surprise you.

Social video is re-writing the advertising rules of engagement.  While the vast majority of online video advertising is still interruptive, social video engages people on their terms.  The data reported in the infographic below demonstrates why social video is hot.

Some interstings findings:

Humour Works – Viewers that watch chucklesome videos are three times as likely to click on a brand’s Facebook page after they watch the video as viewers watching a non-humorous video.

Celebrities Don’t Sell – Celebrity videos drive 12 percent fewer visits to a brand’s Facebook page than non-celebrity videos.

15-Second Videos Are Best – 15-second videos provided the best click-through rates, although they are also used least.  Only 10 percent of videos are 15 seconds of less. Videos that are one minute or more have proven to be the second most effective length.   But please, spare us the epic!

The infographic is courtesy of Jun Group.

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