Digital IQ

Recent trends underscore the increasing impact of digital disciplines, or Digital IQ, on organisations.   It’s a truism that digitising business operations, in particular marketing and communications, can deliver cost benefits.   It’s equally true that this is only the case after thorough scoping and solid investment.

Yammer, a social network which aims to empower company employees to make smarter decisions faster has demonstrated enormous growth in 2011.   For large organisations, especially multi-national operations like P&G this could have huge implications and, I’m sure, played a part in the recent decision to lay off 1600 employees.

But what Yammer offers is just one part of the equation.   There is the undeniable, if wobbly, growth of Facebook and the interest (again wobbly) in its recent IPO.   In Facebook’s case, for investors certainly, the true potential has yet to be proven especially in the lag between smartphone take-up, the yet to materialise promise of streaming and Facebook’s utilisation of those technologies.   For Facebook’s users, and for organisations using Facebook, the case for its utility and potential does seem proven . . . for now.   Ditto Twitter.

Yet organisations and enterprises, once the leaders in utilising technology, are lagging.   Given this ‘consumerisation of IT‘, as PWC puts it, “the ecosystem for innovation
has moved from inside the firm to out in the marketplace” . . . “Customer and
employee expectations are being shaped by this new, dynamic and exciting environment. If you miss this trend, you’ll be increasingly irrelevant to the market.”

Enterprises and organisations need Digital IQ like never before [PDF from Price Waterhouse Coopers].   The question is will they embrace the challenge and make the investment in Digital IQ?

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