That Facebook Timeline Scare . . .

Lots of us fell for the Facebook timeline scare.   It wasn’t quite true.   Facebook timeline will show what you read, like or comment only to those people you allow to see it . . .

The answer, as ever with any social media, is to be sensible about your privacy settings.   I use Facebook in a different way to say, LinkedIn or Twitter so why not?   It is my page after all.

Posts or status updates are set to show to ‘friends only’.   I use https.   I make sure that Privacy settings are checked often to ensure my and my friends’ privacy.

Facebook Timeline

Amongst the recent changes to Facebook is a “ticker” (a rolling real time list of what your friends are doing on the News Feed page).   Not everyone has received it yet.   The Facebook timeline release is being staggered, for example it only hit the UK on 27th December 2011.   I’ve had mine in place since before then, but only because I have opted in to test early releases.

You’ll find the ‘ticker’ on the right hand side of your Facebook page.   It’s great if you want to keep fully up-to-date with your friends’ activity.   But the slight problem with it is that the ticker makes it super simple to eavesdrop when one of your Facebook friends says something to someone you’ve never heard of – and even to see what the stranger originally wrote.   Personally, I’m not a great fan of that level of snooping.   I like my friends, I respect their privacy and I hope they respect mine.

Thanks to Sophos there is a lucid explanation of what this means and what you can do about it, if you haven’t already.

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