Google+ rolls out multiple admin access

Google’s recent rollout of multiple admin logins for Google+ business pages removes one of the main barriers to entry for many corporates.   Other new and enhanced features are also now available to businesses.   I covered in an earlier post why Facebook seemed a better destination for brands.   Facebook has already retaliated (see below).    Google+ is also determined not to stand still.   Will 2012 see a new presence for Brands on Google+?

Multiple Admin for Google+ Business Pages

  • Companies can assign up to 50 managers as administrators for a Google+ business page
  • A new notification system allows page admins to monitor all the conversations taking place on the business page
  • Another new feature – An aggregated count of Google+ users that have engaged with a business page (either +1 or adding it to their circles) for a snapshot of activity of who is engaging with the page and how.

Other Enhancements

  • New Google+ image browser which incorporates a lightbox
  • New Google+ notifications which enables control over which notifications are important with a ‘graphic equaliser’ slider so you won’t miss out on those important nuances

Here a Google+ engineer hosts a walk through of the new features:

. . . and in related news: Facebook has today begun introducing a new feature which allows business pages to receive private messages from their fans on the social network . . . The tussle between Facebook and Google+ continues.

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