Google: New Developments

It seems Google has killed off seven products: Google Wave; Google Bookmarks List; Google Friends Connect; Google Gears; Google Search Timeline; Knol; Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal.

In a master PR move Google has also released enhancements to Google Analytics including: Real time reporting; mobile reporting; Multi-Channel Funnels which help you see which channels were most successful in conversion terms in the last 30 days . . . and much more.

For those struggling with Google’s recent changes to Google Analytics reporting (the infamous ‘not provided’) here is a possible way around the, ahem, enhancement.

Some experts think that Google is streamlining in order to concentrate on its Facebook rival Google+.   You can find out more here.   As I’ve already suggested in earlier posts, the focus on Google+ makes perfect sense in a world where Google increasingly owns customer data.

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