Google+ for brands

I wrote last week about the opportunities on Google+ for brands.   As part of the analysis I raised a few questions and suggested some ways that Google might address these.   Now, it seems, the direction of travel I outlined was spot-on.

This week Google announced it had selected Buddy Media as a launch partner for Google+ Pages.

Following the launch of Google+ Pages last week, a small number of third party developers have been chosen by Google to participate in a trial.   Buddy Media will integrate Google+ functionality into its social marketing product, ConversationBuddy.   So, what does this mean?

  • Timely and targeted content – Using the Conversation Buddy dashboard to get to the right people at the right time by scheduling messages to reach the streams of your designated Circles
  • Moderating and managing – Conversation Buddy’s customisable filters allow you to moderate and monitor stream activity, flag offensive words or identify positive mentions
  • Segment – You will be able to identify users who have added your brand Page to their Circle and segment them to your targeted Circles with ConversationBuddy
  • Track and measure – Conversation Buddy offers a customisable analytics dashboard so you will be able to evaluate performance metrics on your Google+ activity

Google also announced the launch of Google Analytics Premium this week.   To my mind that is the next opportunity to square the CRM circle, assuming Google Analytics Premium can achieve granularity . . . that has yet to be established.

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