Politicians and social media

In a rare idle moment I came across this feed on LinkedIn showing David Cameron’s ‘social’ post up against Ashton Kutcher’s ‘how not to do social media’.   The unintended juxtaposition raised a smile.

David Cameron asks of people on LinkedIn “How do you think Britain could become successful at exporting? And if you do export, let’s hear your success stories.

Nothing much wrong with that – except, his Government claims to know the answers to our economic woes . . . so why ask now?   It’s a laudable attempt nonetheless and a world away from Brown’s stuttering lockjaw in those YouTube videos . . .

Government, politicians and even departments of state are increasingly ‘democratising’ the way they engage with consumers and voters by using social media.   This is good, but I’d be worried about policy arising from these experiments where the baying of the crowd might drown out subtle nuances.   I’d want to know the level of detail to which comments are analysed to pick out subtleties and I’m not confident that governments have this right, yet.

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