Calling publishers . . .

I’m looking at the book publishing world with great interest.   The book publishing business model is facing some challenges and new opportunities.   I’d love to know what my book publishing chums think the main challenges are.   Please vote using the poll below – and you are welcome to comment too so feel free to elucidate further as you wish.

For example, it is clear that eBooks represent an opportunity for publishers.   The lower distribution costs equate to alarger margin.   Do other digital models also present themselves?   I believe they do (but of that, more later).

Is Amazon a saviour or the biggest challenge book publishers face?   It’s a bit of both I suspect.

Does the decline of the independent bookseller represent a threat to publishers, especially where ‘slow burners’ are concerned, given that a shelf presence may require a payment to secure . . . ?

So may questions.   I’d welcome your thoughts.

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