Love this!

Viddyjam is a new video streaming and music download service.

The beauty of it is the way it syncs with YouTube and other video streams, for artist information and sample playlists, and integrates with iTunes / Amazon and the like to offer downloads too – AND you can upload from iTunes too to create your own playlist. Why is it so lovable?

  • It doesn’t have those awful ads that Spotify does with it’s free service – there is no premium offer, there doesn’t need to be one . . .
  • It streams video as well as music
  • You can upload a playlist from iTunes – anyone can – free of charge
  • It offers a level playing field for new and emerging artists or those condemned to obscurity by avaricious recod company execs obssessed with routine and formulaic output (they have to consider their bottom line I guess)

. . . oh, and did I mention, it’s free?    The iPhone app is also on it’s way.

The great thing about it is the seamless way Viddyjam presents video.   The control panels dissolve to give you a really cinematic experience and only come to the fore if you mouse-over / touchscreen.   I’m enjoying playing with it.

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