Exploring Community

Exploring Community – a facilitated open discussion looking at how communities are changing and encouraging the development of ground up solutions to common problems.

I started Exploring Community because I wanted:

  • to find out what really concerns local people
  • to ensure that different community groups got together – speed dating style
  • to erode some of the artificial / assumed boundaries between groups to ensure more cohesive working between them …

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Tell Michele A Secret

Tell Michele A secret

Michele Moran is an incredibly talented singer, actor and performer.   She will be giving a show at the 2016 Telegraph Hill Festival.   What’s exciting about Michele’s show is the way she is crowdsourcing the content for it.

Tell Michele A Secreta new show is about you, me, and the secrets we keep. 
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Kadi - A curry made with yoghurt, vegetables and Pakoras

Punjabi Kadi and Pakoras

The Punjab is a hugely fertile part of India.   Outside the big cities of North West India, Punjabi families are typically engaged in landowning or farming.   This connection to the land influences what people eat, when and how.  

Punjabi food tends to be seasonal.   The style of cooking and depth of flavour varying according to the season.   Families which are part of the Indian disapora (like mine) have adapted food styles according to the climate they find themselves in and local produce.   This dish however transcends geography. Continue reading

The Beginning Of The End Of Patriarchy


A brilliant read – a must read in fact.

Originally posted on kirstymackirsty:

FeminaziAuthors: Kirsty Mac, Kara Beavis

Historically, feminism has had a numbers problem. The establishment has always figured as an omniscient force, with the number of misogynists outnumbering feminists.

Revolutions have a punk aesthetic. And punk, by its very nature, is about targeting the establishment by the marginalised even when the numbers are small.

Social media has changed the numbers game for women. It’s a decentralising and democratising tool used for connectivity, information exchange, passing a comment on current affairs, and, in the last week, passing a live wire of electricity around the world. Feminists are multiplying, and with every win, growing in confidence and power.

There have been surprising new developments each day since Julien Blanc’s Australian departure. With an already thriving feminist network in Melbourne, it took one woman, Jennifer Li, to ignite a fire by initiating a petition to Como Melbourne and creating the hashtag #takedownjulienblanc.

A petition to stop Blanc…

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